Breakfast/Lunch Menus and Meal Information

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(Cafeteria Phone Number:  931-598-0016)




Lunch is served each day in the cafeteria. 

Please apply for free or reduced meals if you feel that your child may qualify.  The free or reduced plan applies to lunch. Apply as soon as possible.  Lunch charges should never exceed $10. Please look for these forms in your first day of school packets. If you do not receive one please contact the front office. Everyone has the option of applying for free or reduced lunch at the beginning of the school year or any time during the year if your circumstances change.


Important Payment Policy

Our school cafeteria uses a pay-as-you-go plan. Children will bring money each day to pay for their meals. Records will be kept on a computerized cash register.  We have found this system works very smoothly and that children do learn the responsibility of keeping up with money. Modifications may be made for kindergartners, at the discretion of the teacher.   Parents who so desire may pay in advance for a week, month, or semester.  You also have the option of paying on-line by using the “My School Bucks” feature.  You can set up an account for this by clicking on the My School Bucks link.

Á la carte items cannot be charged. This policy includes milk.


Payment Procedure


1.   Pay as you go through the line.

  2.   Checks should be made out to the Sewanee Elementary School Cafeteria and should not be combined with any other school payment.

3.   You may set up an account to monitor your child's lunch account at "My School Bucks.”

4.   If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Chasity Williams, cafeteria manager, at 598-0016.

5.   Report cards will be withheld throughout the year when delinquent accounts accrue.


We encourage all parents to prepay for the week’s meals.  This procedure will ensure that your child’s lunch account is in good standing.  Sewanee students may bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.  Milk is available for purchase by students who bring their lunch from home or those who want an extra carton. 


Students who have food allergies are required to submit a Diet Prescription Form from his/her doctor.  We’ll be glad to furnish a substitute on the school lunch menu. We do have several students diagnosed with anaphylaxis (such as peanut allergies), so peanut butter is not served in the cafeteria.


Students are expected to use their best manners when eating in the school cafeteria.  This includes talking in a soft voice and keeping the cafeteria neat.  Food or paper that is dropped on the table or floor should be picked up.  Students are given guidance to separate trash and recycle when appropriate.    


Until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, parents will not be able to each lunch with their child. 


State and Federal guidelines prohibit fast food meals and soft drinks from being brought into the cafeteria during school lunch hours.


2023-2024 Elementary Meal

Student Breakfast          FREE

Student Lunch                 $2.25


Holiday plates are $6
Adult breakfast is $2.75
Adult lunch is $4.25
Visitors (including children kindergarten visitors) $4.25
Child Breakfast FREE
Child Lunch Free 0/ Reduced .25/ paid $2.25

Milk .50
Ala Carte (3rd grade & up) .75 

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