Distance/Virtual Learning Plan

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Plans to go to Distance/Virtual Learning for Covid and Cleaning
After meeting with my administrators today, I have come up with this as our plan for the next two weeks. Some schools are not affected at all, some slightly and 3 are in dire need of some adjustments.
1. Decherd, South and Huntland Schools will go to
Distance /Virtual Learning beginning Wednesday of this week going through Thanksgiving week. (Decherd ESP will also be canceled) CDC at South and Decherd will continue this week only. This will be for 5 school days & 13 total days out of the building. Teachers and staff will report.
They will have tomorrow to give students their work for the next 5 school days.
Lunch/Breakfast will be by drive thru at DES, South, and Huntland on Wednesday for 3 days food. You must contact your school nutrition manager or the Board nutrition by 8 am on Wednesday for Wednesday pick up between 10:30-12:30.
2. All other schools will join them on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week in Distance/Virtual Learning days.
Also we will be "Deep Cleaning" on those days.
All staff will report to work on these days for Distance/Virtual learning. This also gives staff and students an opportunity to get as COVID free as possible.
Meals for Monday and Tuesday will be picked up if you contact your school cafeteria or the Board office of nutrition by 8 am on Monday. Pick up time 10:30-12:30.
3. All elementary and middle school games will be canceled or rescheduled until after the Thanksgiving holiday.
4. CDC and ESP classes will be canceled on Monday and Tuesday of next week at all schools.
Bus routes will run for all students who need to be picked up this week.
There is no perfect situation, but I believe we are doing our part to help control the COVID at this time.
Stanley K. Bean
Franklin County
Director of Schools