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Summer Reading, SES Catalog and other links

Research Links
Tennessee Electronic Library

"Googling it" is not the most efficient or most accurate way to research a topic. When you "google" a topic you have to sift through the millions of hits to find the ones you can read and are most related to your research topic!

There is a better way....

          The TN Electronic Library is your "go-to" source for information!

Here are three fantastic resources to help you research your topic. Each of these can be accessed through the TN Electronic library site or by directly clicking on the hyperlinks below.


1. The World Book encyclopedia 

       Choose the balloon icon for the "Kids" version. This is a great place to begin. Find elementary-age readable encylopedia articles that often include photographs and video. Need additional information? Choose the "student" version--accessible when you first open the WorldBook site by clicking on the pencil icon AND also available at the end of the "Kids" article page (the green button).

The articles can be read aloud to your student by choosing "read aloud" or "text to speech" under the "Tools" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.


2.  TN Electronic Library 4 U  and choose "Look It Up" 

Kids can be accessed here and provides a wealth of information.


3. Finally, KidsInfoBits is another fantastic resource for elementary age research projects. You will find entries that are at three reading levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Again, this can be accessed directly through the TN Electronic Library!

Great websites for kids!

This collection of safe-search education oriented websites is a perfect place to explore the world's people, places, and events and more!

Have fun exploring!

Summer Reading Scholastic Login
Summer Reading Scholastic login

SES Library Catalog
SES Library Catalog (OPAC)

Use this website and search the entire collection of books at the Sewanee Elementary School Library! 

Take note of the call number and title and you are ready to locate that book on the shelf in the library.

Remember, if a book says "out" it means it is currently checked out.

Also, be sure to look at lists of books Mrs. Bruce has created on various topics such as Mysteries, Historical Fiction, etc.

Have fun browsing!

duPont Library--Sewanee

Sometimes you need to find a book that the SES library does not have. This link takes you to the Sewanee: University of the South duPont Library website. Maybe the book you want is there!

Franklin County Public Library

Curious if the Franklin County Public Library has the book you are looking for right now? Try this link.

Summer Reading easy Scholastic login