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Welcome and Mission of the Library 


Welcome to the Sewanee Elementary School Library website! 

The library supports all aspects of the currciulum and is a resource to students and teachers alike. Adventures and information are accessible to readers of all abilities and interests. Through weekly library instruction and open access to the library materials, students can explore new places and new ideas and spend some time with amazing characters.

The pages of the SES Library website are designed to help you understand and navigate the library and find just what you need.

In the library we are reading to learn and learning to read!

See you in the library!



The mission of the Sewanee Elementary School Library is to support the development of lifelong learners and readers through collaboration with the classroom teachers, direct instruction of reading comprehension and information literacy skills, and by providing an abundance of age-appropriate reading materials in a wide array of genres. The resources of the library are used to help students develop the skills needed to ask insightful questions, find resources to answer those questions, critically think about the information they discover and enjoy the adventures offered through reading.