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Remote learning!  

Under "Class Activities" you will find information about suggested library activities for the weeks of March 30-April 3 and April 6-April 10.

Mrs. Bruce will be reading a story each day and posting it to our school's Facebook page. Tune in each day! 

You can also join Mrs. Bruce's kidblog through Clever or and enter join-code: 9u56ns7  or choose "already have account" and "access through Clever." This is a safe place to share thoughts about what you are reading, comments about the question of the day and any creative writing you would like to share. Mrs. Bruce approves all comments and contributions before posting.

Finally, the links provided under the March 30 date of the "Class Activities" will take your student to their Google Classroom where many activities can be accessed. They are multiple pages in length because they are directly uploaded lessons from a variety of sources. It is more essential to consider the Question for the day than to do the paper activity! 

To access Google Classroom the 1st time, your child must enter a code to join my class. Step 1: be logged into their account

Step 2: Go to their Google Apps 

Step 3: Choose Google Classroom  

Step 4: Enter their classroom code.

They can also access their Google Classroom from Clever, "Mrs. Bruce's Library Resources."

Google Classroom codes:

K code: ygfcfzq

1st code: 2y26j6u

2nd code: rer6sae

3rd code: oau73n4

4th code: arvv465

5th code: vqrvhtz





Epic! A collection on online books to read and listen to!  

Dear Students,

I hope you are all healthy!

I want you to have access to as many books as possible while we are apart.

The company has graciously made its services FREE through June! Yay!

In order to access it, your parent/guardian must reply to the email Mrs. Bruce sent them explaining what to do.

Can't wait for you to get back to using Epic! 

Hope to see you soon!

-Mrs. Bruce


Here is the information directly from the company:

Starting immediately, we’re offering your students Remote Access to Epic for FREE through the end of the school year (June 30th) — no credit card required — to empower your students to keep reading and learning at home during COVID-19 school closures. Your students will have anywhere, anytime access to the full Epic library on all devices, and you can stay connected by assigning books or collections and monitoring their progress.

We’re asking you to please share an invitation directly with parents and guardians, since students can only take advantage of this free access if you send their parents or guardians a Remote Student Access invitation through your teacher account so you can see their progress.

Book Character Dress Up Day, March 6!  

March 2-6 SES students will celebrate different children's authors.

Monday, is Dr. Seuss's birthday! Students will learn more about this iconic children's author.

Wednesday, students will read with a buddy in a different grade. Students have been busy picking out just the right book to share with their buddy! Many different authors are represented!

Thursday, students will travel to MTSU to see a live production of "Charlotte's Web". EB White's book acted out on stage will be a delight for all!

Friday, students will dress up as their favorite book character! 

What fun we will have next week!

Spring Scholastic Book Fair March 9-13!  

Just in time for Spring Break!

Come check out all the great books for your growing reader!

The Book Fair will be open March 9-13 from 7:30-3:30 each day. The fair is open until 6:00 pm on Tuesday, March 10 during the Parent/Teacher Conferences. Book fair themed activities will be provided on March 10 from 3:30-5:30 for your children in the cafeteria, right next to the library.

Volunteers are always welcome.

Sign up here to help decorate, set up the book fair, pack it up or help your child's class while they shop.



Announcement Image for Spring Scholastic Book Fair March 9-13!

Words Matter. Choose Thoughtfully.  

January and February both hold special holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on January 20 and President's Day on Feb. 17.

Throughout these months students will be focusing on word choice by authors, because words matter! Choose thoughtfully!


What words stand out to you in the book you are reading right now?

Author coming soon! Friday, Dec. 6  

Children's author Michael Shoulders will be visiting Sewanee Elementary School in the morning on Friday,  December 6.


His newest book, The Legend of the Christmas Pickle, is available for purchase now. 


See his website for more information!

Library Learning Stations  

Students in grades K-5 are enjoying the Library Learning Stations and choosing the way they want to respond to the story and mini-lesson provided by Mrs. Bruce each week!

The Learning Stations are inspired by the hands-on STREAM pedagocial strategy for actively engaging students with their learning and incorporate writing, decision making, and collaboration into their learning.

Students may choose between one of 5 Learning Stations: Story, Map, Research, Computer or Maker

Students choose a different Station each week. Students use graphic organizers to structure their learning and to show the librarian how they engaged with their work. Students are given tasks at each station that related to the story and mini-lesson of the day.

Activities in each station include:

Story Station: Writing the beginning of a story, creating a puppet show or reading with a partner

For example: students recently heard a pourqoi story from the Cherokee Native American Tribe about why an opossum has a hairless tail. Students then wrote their own pourquoi story about an animal of their choice

Map Station: Use the globe, world atlas and world maps and state maps

For example: students recently were asked to identify where the opossum lives and its cousin, the kangaroo. And answer the question "What continents and oceans do you cross when you travel from Tennessee in North America to Australia?"

Research Station:  Use nonfiction books to learn about a topic related to the mini-lesson

For example: students recently used nonfiction books to compare and contrast kangaroos and opossums

Computer Station:  Use the World Book for Kids online tool to learn more about a topic related to our mini-lesson.

For example: students recently used the World Book for Kids to learn about habitats: safari, savannah and also quizzed themselves on academic topics or used problem solving to solve an online related puzzle

Maker Station: Use materials provided to complete a given task

For example: students recently created traps for opossums or kangaroos


Meet an Author  

Sewanee Elementary Students will be wowed by author Heather Montgomery!

She visits Friday, October 25 from 12:30-3:00.

Her nonfiction books, her natural curiosity about the world and her high energy presentation will be a treat for all our students. 

Information letters were sent home before fall break about her visit. Parents are welcome to purchase her books ahead of time!

Learn more about this author here.


Heather Montgomery, an energetic, passionate, children’s non-fiction author who loves to help children turn their questions into research inquires, will wow us! She brings excitement, humor, and a “sprinkle of yuck-appeal” to her hands-on workshops. Order copies of her books for your child through the QR Code for Amazon Smile-SPO.




Fall Scholastic Book Fair!  

Come join the fun at the Arctic Adventure Book Fair!

We need you to volunteer!

Shop with us at school from Sept. 30-Oct. 3. from 7:30-3:30** 

**Closes Thursday, October 3 at 1:00.

Shop with us during Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, October 1.

The book fair is open until 5:30 that day!

Or Shop online beginning Sept. 22! This link will be live that day!

There are many ways to support your child's love of reading and also help the Sewanee Elementary School Library raise funds for literary activities, books, and supplies!


The Spring book fair is March 9-13!


Super Summer Readers Announced!  

Congratulations to these students for reading the most number of minutes this summer!

Kindergarten: Cullen Thompson

First grade: Benjamin Rudd

Second grade: Annabel Weintraub

Third grade: Gillian O'Connell

Fourth grade: Maggie Lu Rudd

Fifth grade: Miren Colbert


These students will select a book from the Sewanee Barnes & Noble to be added to our school's library collection.


Well, done!


Were you a super summer reader?  

If you participated in the summer reading challenge, Mrs. Bruce wants to know!

BINGO forms are due August 9. Simply turn in the form (with your name and grade listed) to your teacher and she will get it to Mrs. Bruce.

You can be a recognized if you:

1. completed all 24 BINGO spaces--each with a different book  or

2. completed a 5 in a row BINGO--each with a different book  or

3. read the most number of minutes in your grade


Turn in forms by Friday, August 9.

Super readers will be announced August 23 during the Friday morning assembly!

2019 Summer Super Reader Challenge  

School is out!  Let the learning continue!

Each summer, Sewanee Elementary students are encouraged to participate in the Read 20 Challenge. Research shows that reading 20 minutes a day helps students enter the new school year ready to learn.

For the past 5 years, the Summer Super Reader has been identified as the student in each grade who read the most number of minutes. 

This year, the reading challenge includes three ways to be recognized for summer reading using a fun summer reading BINGO activity.

1. Students who complete a BINGO (five in a row across, down or diagonally) will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

2. Students who complete all 24 BINGO spaces will be entered into a drawing for a prize. 

3. Students who record the minutes they read may be recognized as a top reader in their grade. 


See the BINGO Activity Sheet for more details. All BINGO sheets need to be turned in the Friday of the first week of school in August. 


Students can also contribute to the Scholastic Read-a-palooza, they can access this site. Usernames and passwords were sent home with report cards. 


Students can also access books for free through

username: capstonesummer   password: interactive19


Announcement Image for 2019 Summer Super Reader Challenge

15 school days left to enjoy your library books!  

Believe it or not, it is almost May!

All library books need to be turned in the week of May 13 so an accurate inventory can be conducted.

Information about summer reading will come soon!


15 school days left to enjoy your library books!  

Believe it or not, it is almost May!

All library books need to be turned in the week of May 13 so an accurate inventory can be conducted.

Information about summer reading will come soon!


America Recycles Day Nov. 15 Hands On Science Center  

Recycle Day Flyer!.JPG

Peace Pole celebration   

As the peaceful doves hang around the SES campus, students are reminded of ways to act that bring about a sense of "huh-ping" of peace. The 2018-19 Peace Pole ceremony showcased the language of Chinese. 4th grade students enjoyed sharing their research with the school community. The 5th rgaders shared a poem about kindness. And the entire school sang "If I Had a Hammer" filling the school gym with happy voices commited to helping their school be peaceful.


Scholastic Book Fair October 1-4!  
The Book Fair will be held October 1-4.
The Book Fair will be open during Parent/Teacher conferences on October 2 from 3:30-6:00. Supervised activities for school-age children will be in the cafeteria from 3:30-5:30 on October 2.
You can sign up to help read to students, supervise them as they shop, even assist with student purchases!
Volunteers make this essential fundraiser work!
Sign up here:

September Reading Fun  

Follow this link for fun reading activities everyday of the month!

Summer Super Readers Announced!  

Congratulations to our Sewanee Elementary Summer Super Readers!

Kindergarten: Benjamin Rudd

First Grade: Kyla Kilgore

Second Grade: Cabell Thompson

Third Grade: Maggie Lu Rdd

Fourth Grade: Miren Colbert

Fifth Grade: Eliza Griffey

Summer Super Reading Logs Due August 10  

Please turn in your Summer Super Reading Log to Mrs. Bruce by Friday, August 10


Our Summer Super Readers will be announced at the Friday Assembly on Friday, August 24!

Summer Super Reading Program 2018!  

This summer continue the joy of reading in the comfort of your home, under your favorite tree, or on your favorite vacation spot!

Once again, Sewanee Elementary Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes every day to stay ready for school in the fall. We all know practice makes you stronger!

We set a record last year for the most number of minutes read and were recognized by Scholastic for our achievement. Let's do it again!!

Two of our students were recognized as being among the top 100 readers in the ENTIRE STATE! Wow!

Will YOU be recognized this year?

Some of our students got FREE BOOKS from Barnes and Noble!

Will YOU get free books?

You CAN,  if you do this:

  1. Read at least 20 minutes a day
  2. Record the book title, author and number of minutes you read each day on the 2018 Summer Reading Log or online at the Scholastic Summer Reading site
  3. Turn in your log to Mrs. Bruce on August 10.
  4. *Read 2000 minutes for the Top 100 consideration and complete and mail the First Lady Top 100 form.
  5. **Read 8 books and complete the Barnes and Noble form


*If you want to get FREE books, read 8 books, write what you like about each on the Barnes and Noble form and turn it in to the Sewanee University college bookstore.

**If you want to be to a top 100 reader, read at least 2000 minutes between June 1 and July 27 and turn in the Tennessee's First Lady's Top 100 Reader Competition form (the same log Sewanee Elementary is using this year). BUT, you have to mail a copy of the form to the address on the First Lady form by July 27.

Book Swap--May 14!  

Students and Families:

The great Book Swap will be held on Monday, May 14.


Each student is encouraged to donate 1 gently used book from their personal collection at home. Students can donate up to 5 books.


On Monday, May 14, students will visit the Book Swap area and pick one book to take home for free!


This is a great way to stock up on a "new read" for the summer!

Volunteer to help with PAWS for Books-Scholastic book fair March 5-9  

The Book Fair is a fun week-long event allowing students and families to shop for Scholastic published books during the school day.

Volunteers help this even run smoothly for everyone!

Sign up here  to join the fun!

You can also shop online beginning next week!

Judge a book by its cover?!  

Check out the new feature with our Online Public Access Catalog!

Now students can see the front cover of the books as they search the catalog for their "just right" book.

Seeing the cover is very useful. I hope you and your child will enjoy exploring together all the possible books he/she can check out!

Click on the "lighthouse" for a more advanced search. Click on the "smiling bubble face" for a quick search by broad subject.

Science Fair Ideas--find one in a book!  

Parents, there are several books in the SES library that may be useful to your student as he/she considers what his/her science project will be about.

You can access a list of books with science project ideas here .

PAWS for Books: Scholastic Book Fair March 5-9!  

VSBA nominated picture books!  

Help select the next Volunteer State Book Award book! All 20 of the nominated picture books are in the library. Each student who reads all 20 will be invited to have a pizza party in the library. There will be a party held in December and another one in the second semester.

Students who read at least 3 titles will be eligible to vote in the spring for the VSBA winning book.

Want to know more about VSBA? Click here.

Scholastic Book Fair -Sept. 25-29  

The Scholastic Wild West: Saddle Up and Read Book Fair will be held Sept. 25-29.

Online shopping will open Sept. 17 and close Oct. 1

All proceeds go to purchasing quality literay materials for the SES library!

The Book Fair is open until 6:30 on Sept. 25 during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Fun activities for children will be held in the cafeteria on Sept. 25 from 3:30-5:00.

Join in the fun as a volunteer!

Announcement Image for Scholastic Book Fair -Sept. 25-29

Summer Super Readers!  

Wow! SES Tigers love to read!

  • Sewanee Elementary School students read 69,348 minutes this summer. The top readers in each grade were named the 2017 Summer Super Readers: Will Turrell, fifth grade, and Miren Colbert, third grade, set new SES reading records. Will read 12,800 minutes and Miren read 11,485 minutes!  


  • Gillian O'Connell, first grade, completed all 25 of the summer reading challenges posed by the SES library! Some of the challenges included reading a "how-to" book, a menu, a recipe, reading to a stuffed animal, reading to a pet and reading with a flashlight.


  • Two SES students have been named Tennessee's Top 100 Readers. Maggie Lu Rudd, second grade, and Mollye Casey, fourth grade, will join Governor Bill and First Lady Crissy Haslam for a Kids' State Dinner to celebrate their success. Maggie Lu and Mollye Casey each read over 5,000 minutes this summer! 


  • Sewanee Elementary School encourages students to read 20 minutes a day. Several students accepted Read20 Challenge for the summer and read at least 600 minutes during the summer break: Cabell Thompson (4,040), Elijah Bunting (2,090), Gillian O'Connell (1,014), Sara Margaret (822), Annanoel Sparacio (805), Samuel Troutman (615), Maggie Lu Rudd (5,000), Mason Sparacio (1,405), Adeline Pond (1,342), Kayson James (912), Will Roberts (480), Miren Colbert (11,485), Trinity Sparacio 92,685), Theo Schrader (590), Mollye Casey (5,130), Eliot Sparacio (3,620), Eliza Griffey (2,555), Amelia Pond (1,738), Griff Wilson (1,700), Vie Virkhous (826), Rover Robinson (730), Will Turrell (12,800), Ellie Roberts (1,570), Maya Mauzy (12,80), Isabel Eko (870), and Ann Wright (690).

Summer Reading!  

In August, a Summer Super Reader will be identified in each grade. Will you be the next Summer Super Reader?

Read, read, read and record the minutes your read each time. Use the log found on the Sewanee Elementary School home page or found the SES Library homepage.

You can also log your minutes at Scholastic's summer reading site

If that isn't enough fun, you can earn a free book from Barnes and Noble once you have read 8 books. The Barnes and Noble book form is found on the Sewanee Elementary home page and from the SES Library homepage. 

BOGO Book Fair May 15-22  

Stock up on great reading materials at the Buy One Get One Book Fair May 15-22. Why another book fair? Click here!

Everything is buy one, get one of equal or lesser value for FREE!

The fair will be open until 6:30 on May 18 during the Social Studies Around the World Fair.

What a great way to encourage summer reading, reward hard work at school, and enjoy spending time reading together.

Research shows that students who read 20 minutes a day remain prepared for the next grade and enter school in the fall ready to succeed. 

Volunteers needed to help the book fair be successful!


Book Fair Volunteers Needed!  

Come help your child and all students at SES enjoy the Book Fair!

Sign up to volunteer today!



Read Across America Week February 27-March 3  

Let's celebrate the joy of reading every day!

In honor of Dr. Seuss and his contribution to children's literature, students and staff are encouraged to dress up each day following this schedule:


Monday: Wear red or blue in honor of One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish

Tuesday: Wear CRAZY socks and roll up your cuffs so we can seen them in honor of Fox in Socks

Wednesday: Wear green in honor of Green Eggs and Ham

Thursday: Wear a "place" t-shirt (showing a place you have visited) in honor of Oh, the Places You'll Go

Friday: Dress up as your favorite book character! (ANY book character, not just from a Dr. Seuss book!)

Dress as a Book Character Day  

Dress as your favorite book character on Friday, March 3.

This day ends our week-long celebration of reading and honoring the contribution of Dr. Seuss to children's literature.

I can't wait to see who you choose to be!

Scholastic Book Fair March 6-10  

Come support our school's Scholastic Book Fair!

Online shopping is March 1-12

Book Fair shopping in the library is March 6-10.

Special activities for students will be held March 6 from 3:30 - 5:00.

The book fair will be open during parent/teacher conferences until 6:30.



FYI Franklin County Public Library Closed Feb. 6-11  

Add books to your home library  

It's fun to get a brand new book!

Scholastic, Kellog's and Walmart have teamed up to help families earn FREE books.

All the details are here.

ebooks now available!  

SES now has a limited number of ebooks available!

These books can be accessed from any device with a web browser--almost any tablet, smart phone or computer will work!

Wi-fi is required to access the ebook initially, but most of the ebooks can be downloaded to read anywhere. Licensed Marvel titles cannot be downloaded.

Try it today and let Mrs. Bruce know what you think of this option.

username: Sewaneetn

password: tigers


Abdo Digital Bookshelf

Announcement Image for ebooks now available!

November Read20 Book of the Month  

The First LAdy of the state of Tennessee, Chrissy Haslam, invites all families to participate in the Read20 "Book of the Month" activity.


The book for November is The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, deemed a close winner in the SES Best Funny Chapter contest just two years ago. 


Here is a link to all the Book of the Month selections

One Book--One School: A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee  

Students at SES are exploring the world with our camping theme.

Our One Book, One School project reflects this theme: A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris van Dusen

All students, teachers, and staff will be reading this story this month.

Parents can hear it, too, by clicking here.

Join us Friday, November 18 at our Friday morning assembly as we hear the story read aloud and pretend to be on a camping trip. 

Wear your PJs and get ready to have "s;more fun" at SES!

Peace Pole--Friday, Oct. 14 8 AM  

SES will host its annual Peace Pole ceremony on Friday, Oct. 14 during its morning assembly at 8:00 am

Every year students learn to say "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in a different language. The 4th grade classes research the country learning its history and literature and culture. The 5th grader classes perform a musical selection.

The first Peace Pole was created in 1955. That same year the song, Let there be peace on earth, was extremely popular in the states. SES students have used a verse from this song, Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, as their big idea as we discussed how we each can act to make the world more peaceful.

This year's language is Polish:

Niech pokój zapanuje na Ziemi

Book Fair Sept. 26-30 and online, too!  

Ahoy! If ye be a book lovin' landlubber, make yer way to the SES library this week!

Come find fun, interesting books to share with your child!

The Scholastic Book Fair will be open Monday, Sept. 26-Friday, Sept. 30

Parents may shop and attend Parent/Teacher conferences while students enjoy some crats and activities in the cafeteria from 3:30- 5:00 on Monday, Sept. 26

Online shopping begins Sept. 19 and continues through October 2

All proceeds go toward purchasing literacy materials for our SES students, including books for the library.

Bookaneers know that books are the treasure!


Announcement Image for Book Fair Sept. 26-30 and online, too!

Super Summer Readers Announced for 2016!  

As a school, Sewanee Elementary Students read 66,426 minutes during the 2016 summer break! All students were encourage to participate in reading and keeping track of their minutes. 

According to the reading logs submitted, the total minutes read in each grade are:

K  11,141

1st 9,463

2nd 9,815

3rd 12, 929

4th 18, 661

5th 4,419

The students who read the most minutes in each grade are recognized as a Super Summer Reader!  The 2016 Super Summer Readers are:

K: Harris Young

1st: Mason Sparacio

2nd: Miren Colbert

3rd: Eliot Sparacio

4th: Saida Thomas

5th: Anja Dombrowski


Well done, everyone!


Announcement Image for Super Summer Readers Announced for 2016!

Summer Reading Logs Due Monday, August 15!  

The students who read the most minutes in each grade will be identified at the Friday morning assembly on August 19!

Ramona Quimby Age 8: August First Lady Red 20 Book Club Selection  

Families: Join the Tennessee First Lady's Read 20 Book Club (free) and enjoy great stories together all year!

Crissy Haslam knows a key way to help your child succeed in school--reading together!

Kick off this school year with a commitment to reading with your children 20 minutes a day. Reading a fun novel is a great way to begin!

Ramona Quimby Age 8 by Beverly Cleary stars a relatable 8 year old who gets into mischief! Enjoy reading it together.

Announcement Image for Ramona Quimby Age 8: August First Lady Red 20 Book Club Selection

Summer Reading: Just Keep Reading!  

We are half-way into our summer vacation! Woo-hoo!

Keep reading!

Do you have a favorite reading spot?

Don't forget to log your reading minutes. You could be the next Summer Super Reader!

Buy One Get One Book Fair May 16-18  

What a bargain!

Scholastic's Buy One Get One Book Fair provides great books for your family to purchase while getting a book of equal or lesser value for free!


A great way to stock up on summer reading material!


May 16-18! 3 days only!


BOGO logo

Announcement Image for Buy One Get One Book Fair May 16-18

Scholastic Book Fair February 29-March 4!  

We are all Feelin' Groovy about the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair!

Mark your calendars for February 29-March 4 for a week of shopping fun! This is a great way to celebrate Read Across America week!

There will be supervised activities for children in the cafeteria from 3:30- 5:00 on February 29 so that you can shop and visit with your child's teacher during Parent/Teacher Conferences that evening.


All proceeds go to benefit literacy activities at Sewanee Elementary School, including purchasing new, award-winning books for the library collection for all to enjoy. 



FYI--The school district does not give the SES library funds. The book fair and the SPO donation provide the entire budget for the library. Your generosity is appreciated by all of our students who are eager to read the latest children's books and all of our teachers who are eager to supplement their teaching with quality literature through reading groups and read alouds.



Simply sign up here!



As always, thank you for supporting your child's love for reading!
~Kathryn Bruce



Announcement Image for Scholastic Book Fair February 29-March 4!

Book Character Day!  

Madeline, Nate the Great, Clementine, Percy Jackson, Clifford, Pinkalicious.....who will you be for Book Character Day, Tuesday, Nov. 24?


I look forward to seeing you!


Mobile Sewanee Library Catalog  

The following free mobile app is available for Atriuum




Atriuum on the Go

This mobile app gives your patrons instant access to search the library catalog from their favorite mobile device. Search for DVDs, CDs, and more. Access My Items to manage their account, bookbags, and more.

Download from:


Book Fair! Sept. 28-Oct. 2  

Make plans to find great reading materials for fall break at the Fall 2015 Scholastic Book Fair.

Join us Monday, September 28 for fun from 3:00 - 6:30 pm

Shop before or after your Parent/Teacher conference time. Games and activities related to the book fair will be held in the cafeteria.

Fun for everyone!

Click here to learn more about the book fair and how you can shop online!

Super Summer Readers Named!  

Congratulations to all of our summer readers. Sewanee Elementary School students read 46, 660 minutes this summer....a record!

The fifth grade students and 2nd grade students read more minutes than all other grades.

These students were named the Super Summer Readers and will pick out a book for the Barnes and Noble bookstore to donate to the Sewanee Library. These students will be first to check out their special book!

Mason Sparacio--Kindergarten

Marcus Briggle--1st grade

Eli Sparacio--2nd grade

Saida Thomas--3rd grade

Anja Dombrowskil--4th grade

Madison King--5th grade


SES Scholastic Reading Update!  

Just like the temperature, the reading meter at Sewanee Elementary School keeps going up! As of Monday, July 20, SES students have recorded reading 19,248 minutes! Wow! Think we can read 20,000 minutes before school starts?! Go to to log in your minutes or keep track of them on a paper log (available from the school website or from local area libraries). Keep reading!

Reading Record Setting continues!  

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

As of June 28, SES students have logged over 16,108 minutes of reading at

Remember, tracking your minutes on paper is a-ok, too!

Mrs. Bruce is reading Mouseheart as she sits on the beach. She read I survived Hurricane Katrina yesterday and another Ivy and Bean adventure during the long car ride. What are you reading?

Summer Reading 2015!  

This year SES students are encouraged to keep track of the number of minutes they read from May 4 - September 4. Sewanee Elementary students will join students from around the world to break the Scholastic World Record for Summer Reading. 

Students may record their minutes on a paper log or online at Unique usernames and passwords will be given to each student.

Generally, students in grades K-2nd grade students typically read (and have read to them) picture books and beginning chapter books. Students in grades 3-5 read more novels, chapter books. However, students read by ability not by chronological age, so it is important to let your student try out the book by reading a few paragraphs and self-check his/her ability to decode unfamiliar words and comprehend what is happening in the story.

Wondering what to encourage your child to read?

Check out these links:

Scholastic Summer Reading Booklists This page also has a link to a copy of the paper log

Scholastic Book Search   This link provides a list of suggested titles based on ages and interests of your child

Accelerated Reader Suggestions This link allows you to search by reading level and interest level such as 2.1 to 2.5 (second grade 1st month to second grade 5th month).

50 Top Choices for each grade   Scholastic has a list of the top 50 picks for each grade.

Finally, the Franklin County library offers storytime each week along with a special activity. Their website, like Mrs. Bruce's, offers a link to TN R.E.A.D.S., the TN 1st Lady's Book Club, and the Tennessee Electronic Library. The Monteagle May Justus library will also be hosting a summer reading program with weekly storytime and activities.


image source: summer reading image from


Announcement Image for Summer Reading 2015!

Eaglets are hatching!  

The 5th grade classes are following three nestcams to observe three pairs of Bald Eagles and learn about these national birds.

1. The Decorah, Iowa nest has three eggs in its clutch. Egg #1 hatched Friday, March 27 in the evening. Egg #2 hatched on Sunday, March 29. Both parents were there. How cool! Egg # 3 should hatch soon!

Follow the Decorah nestcam during spring break and watch these marvelous birds.


2. The Harrison Bay State Park clutch has two eggs and they have hatched too!

Follow the Harrison Bay Park nestcam and watch these cutie pies grow!


3. The nest at Berry College had two eggs in its clutch. They hatched during our "snow break" and are preparing to fledge the nest. 

Follow the Berry College eaglets and watch them fly!

Announcement Image for Eaglets are hatching!

More new books!  

The Franklin County Humane Society/Animal Harbor recently donated several books to our library that feature tales of lovable animals, animal facts, and adventure stories. 

Come check out these new great books!

Preparing for Summer  

Spring is here!

Here is a resource that may interest you and your family.


Look for information about Summer Reading soon!

New Books!  

The second order of books ordered using the proceeds from the 2014 Fall Scholastic Book Fair has arrived.

Look for new titles such as

The Survivors, bk 4

Dork Diaries, bk 7

Jedi Academy, bk 2

Fnancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique

Star Wars early readers

Frozen Little Golden Book

Deborah Wiles' Revolution

Sharon Creech's fun poetic sequel to Love that Dog called Hate that Cat

and more!

New Dates--Spring Book Fair March 2-6  

It's time for another Scholastic Book Fair! Click here to volunteer and join the fun!

Under the Sea--an Ocean of Books awaits you at the Sewanee Elementary School Library Marh 2-6.


We'll be open Monday, March 2 from 3:00-6:30 during Parent/Teacher Conferneces! SPO will have games and activities for families from 4:30-6:00.


Find lots of good titles to enjoy!

Keep Reading During Break!  

Any of these sites would be a GREAT way to practice your reading during weekends and breaks away from school. Keep having fun reading!


Star Fall

Practice your phonics skills

with these read-along stories.

Storyline Online
Have some of your favorite stories
read to you by movie stars!


Practice math and reading skills
all while playing fun games!




Book Character Day--Friday, November 21, 2014  

Come as your favorite book character or author!

Henry (or maybe Mudge) from Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant?

Hermione (or maybe Harry) from The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling?

Emily Elizabeth (or maybe Clifford) from Clifford, the big red dog by Bridwell?

How about Pinkalicious, Frog (or Toad), Jack (or Annie), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dr. Seuss, The Big Bad Wolf, the gingerbread man, Junie B Jones, Alexander (who had a terrible, no good, very bad day).

New Books are here!  

The first order of new books has arrived! Come check out the great reads waiting for you in the library!

Peace Pole ceremony Oct. 3  

The 4th Graders are preparing for the annual Peace Pole ceremony. This year we will add the phrase "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in Vietnamese. Working with a university student, the students are learning how to pronounce this phrase using the tonal language of Vietnamese. The students are also developing their information research skills using atlases, almanacs, encyclopedias, nonfiction texts and online resources to learn about this country.

The students will display and share what they have learned on Friday, Oct. 3 during the Peace Pole ceremony.

The community at large is welcome to join us!

Scholastic Book Fair Sept. 22-26  

The Scholastic Book Fair has books for all the readers in your life!

Come celebrate reading as a family and shop during the Parent/Teacher Conferences Monday, Sept. 22 from 3:00 -6:30 pm

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer with the Book Fair, too!

And what could be more convenient than shopping online?! You can shop online for even more goodies beginning Sept. 17 and continuing through October 7. This is a great way to encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, to make purchases for holiday gifts and support the library at your child's school. What a win-win!

Look forward to seeing you at the book fair!

Summer Reading Programs at Area Libraries  

Projects and Special Events

Summer reading programs are happening at a library near you! 
Each week: Wednesday at 1:30 at the Franklin County Library and Thursdays at 10:00 the May Justus Memorial Library in Monteagle. 

Be a Summer Super Reader! Record what you read this summer and you may be the winner in the fall!
Reading log sheets can be printed from the SES website or from the Summer Reading Forms section of this site.

Looking for ways to practice reading comprehension with your child? Register for a free account at a resource site many teachers This link will take you to a selection of passages you can read with your rising 1st or 2nd grader, but once you are logged in, you can access a whole lot more!