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Rebecca Van de Ven Staff Photo

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin Madision and a Masters in Music Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  I am currently enrolled in classes at MTSU to receive my teacher license for Tennessee.  This process is due to be completed by Fall of 2020.


I have been teaching students of various ages for 30 years.  I have maintained a private studio of oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and piano students in a variety of cities throughout the country.  I have previously taught at Albion College and Spring Arbor University in Michigan as well as MTSU in Murfreesboro.  I currently teach at the University of the South and Belmont University maintaining oboe studios.  While most of my teaching experience has been through private lessons, I spent one year teaching middle school and high school at St. Andrew's Sewanee School.


I am a professional oboe player who has recently decided to teach in the classroom.  I am very excited for this change in career path.  I work in both Cowan and Sewanee Elementary Schools teaching general music for PreKindergarten through 5th grade.

It is my belief that the purpose of music education is to teach basic elements of music starting at a young age, in order to develop a musical knowledge foundation on which to build throughout students lives.  I will do this by placing students with their peers in ensembles that play and sing music focused on keeping a steady beat while reading melodic and rhythmic material in standard musical notation. 

During this process, students will be exposed to music from a variety of cultures and develop a basic understanding of how music has developed over time.  I value the teaching of diverse cultures because this knowledge helps build tolerance and understanding across the variety of people our country is blessed with.  This understanding is a valuable skill for relationship building of any kind.  Through work in ensembles, students will practice the development of skills such as patience, self control, kindness and tolerance while learning alongside students with a variety of musical levels.