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My name is Holly Curtis, and I have been an educator in Brevard County, Florida, where I lived on the spacecoast for over twenty years. However, I am a native of the great state of Tennessee.  I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a Masters of Science degree from NOVA Southeastern University, and Elementary certification at The University of Central Florida.  I have been an educator over twenty years (20) and believe that American students need to achieve the best possible education to live successful lives as tomorrow's leaders.  I am very pleased to be here in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee teaching Math & Science at Sewanee Elementary School.  

Planning and participating in Project-Based Learning (PBL) opportunities is something she truly enjoys within the Math and Science subject areas!  Already, the fourth grade students have studied lunar and solar eclipses, and are currently making observations to graph results with hummingbirds to compare and contrast the effect of color with liquid food.  Additionally, we have several guest speakers lined up for presentations and experiments for students to conduct sampling of  water, air, and soil.   I hope to be able to scout out interesting sites for local field look for the fourth grade team out and about in Sewanee!