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Penny Payne Staff Photo

Penny W Payne

B. S. in Art Education, Tennessee Technological University, 1995

I began teaching in Franklin County in 1995.  I have taught Art in several different schools here in Franklin County, K-12.  My most recent schools are Cowan and Sewanee Elementary.  I have worked at Sewanee Elementary School since 2004.  

I love teaching art!  I find watching the students process in the art room rewarding, exciting and sometimes amusing!  We work hard and leave happy (and sometimes dirty, sorry parents!!)

My favorite thing to teach in the art room is our clay work.  It is a very physically-laboring media but the students love it!  The first question of a new school year from the students is always "When are we doing clay???" I always say "Soon enough", with a grin.

 I love all of the schools that I have been fortunate enough to teach in.  But, there is something a little different here at SES.  There is a genuine appreciation for the specialty teachers, from our principal, teachers and everyone else who makes the school gears turn, to our community, parents and students.  It is the appreciation that makes me want to work that much harder for our students.  

Have a great school year everyone!

Mrs. Payne