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News from the Principal
Posted On:
Saturday, August 18, 2018

 Team Tiger: Celebrating and Exploring Our World


Sewanee Elementary Newsletter

August 2018

Welcome to a new school year at SES! Each month we will be sending you important information and a calendar of events to help keep you informed of school happenings. Also be sure to check our website regularly at for the latest information. If we can help you in any way don’t hesitate to contact us.


How Can You Help!?!

Boxtops for Education - Please keep collecting those General Mills boxtops! They can be found on a wide variety of products. Each classroom is collecting them for our semi-annual contest. We also have convenient drop-off locations in both the main and primary lobby areas. We recieve ten cents for each boxtop collected.! We will be sending sheets home to aid in the collection if you should choose to use them.

Kroger Community Rewards - We are a Kroger Community Rewards member, which means we receive a percentage of all purchases made by Kroger Plus Card holders who enter our NPO number on their account! This is afree and easy way to help us with additional funding for our school.

The NPO number for Sewanee Elementary is 39682.

Simply register online at

      To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your information page.

      REMEMBER, purchases will not count for our group until after you register your card.


Please help us keep your student safe by always using the sidewalk when entering or exiting our campus. Taking a shortcut through the parking lot can be dangerous as employees are arriving or leaving. Our little ones are very hard to see behind a car. Also, handicapped parking should be reserved for official school business. Please don’t park there to pick up children in the afternoon. While we definitely want you to have access to on-campus handicapped parking if necessary, this parking should be used when you need to enter the building.   If your child is able to come to your vehicle on their own after school, please allow them to do so. If they are not., make us aware of that and one of our staff members will bring them to your vehicle so that you won’t have to get out. Traffic in the parking lot as students are coming and going needs to be kept to a minimum for the safety of our children. We are working on having additional handicapped parking added on University Avenue due to the overcrowding we are currently experiencing in this area. Thank you!


We are in need of some sand in our sand boxes! If you would like to volunteer to take on this project, please give us a call!


Thank you so much for a great start to our school year! We appreciate your support.

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