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Tiger Tribute
Posted On:
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vote for kindness! Vote for friendship! Vote for working hard!

The word “tribute” comes from the Latin tribus, for tribe, but one of its meanings is “a formal expression of praise.” The SES Parents’ Organization wants to recognize and praise acts of kindness, both big and small, in our Tiger tribe! We know how hard our students, teachers, and staff are working toward the highest goal of educating the leaders of tomorrow, but we want to acknowledge all the good choices we make every day along the way to help others. So all you Tigers out there, if you see someone going the extra mile to help a friend or a stranger, put their name in the box. If you see someone picking up trash outside or in the hallway, put their name in the box. If someone came over today and said “Are you okay?” “Can I help?” put their name in the box! These yellow round boxes will be inside the front and side doors with short forms next to them, and pencils. We’ll need the person you are nominating and one sentence describing the act of kindness; you can choose whether to sign your name or keep it anonymous. In a few weeks, keep your ears open for Tiger Tribute announcements at Friday assembly. ROAR!!!

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