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Tigers Don't Leave Tracks
Posted On:
Sunday, October 14, 2018
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On Friday, Sept. 28, twelve students at Sewanee Elementary School were awarded lunch kit equipment or a book on sustainability for their participation in a Tigers Don't Leave Tracks! contest.

Students were asked for their best ideas about how to pack a meal that doesn’t make garbage, that is, a Litterless Lunch.

They described and drew their very favorite lunches, explained what they would need to pack that lunch in order to make as little packaging waste as possible, and identified the piece of equipment they most needed.

Two students in each grade were awarded thermoses, sandwich containers, bento boxes or books for their solutions.

Our sincere thanks to Joseph Sumpter, Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions, and to Russell Green, manager of the University of the South Official Bookstore, for supporting the project and providing the prizes!

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